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Chatachak Market

Helen finds a fridge magnet stall at Chatachak Market!!!

Sawadee Crap!

Looks like it's getting hot again. The last few days it's only been a "cool" 28 - 30C but today it's back up to about 34C again. It could get even hotter this week. Although 34C isn't the end of the world, the added humidity is enough to send most sane people over the edge. At times we have to remind ourselves that it's the heat and the temperature that is causing us to get up-tight, otherwise we would start to kill each other!!

If you're not mad on sweating heavily, then Bangkok probably isn't your kind of place. Luckily, the Skytrain, most of the buses, taxis and shops are airconditioned... otherwise people would start to tear their hair out.


Today we went to Chatachak Market, which is towards the north of the city, at the last Skytrain stop.

Now this is not your average market. If you want to buy anything - then you'll find it here. Elephant? Monkey? Dog? Clothes? Car Stereo? It's all here. Chatachak is said to be the world's busiest and biggest market and we can definately beleive it. We spent four hours there and we barely got to know the place. Deep inside the warehouses, there are hundreds of thin corridors with stacks of people constantly squeezing through. If you see something you like, you have to buy it there and then, because you won't be able to find it again.

A lot of the stuff there is actually pretty good. From Ming Vases to fine art and wooden Elephant statues - there is something there for everyone. It was a bit grim in the dog section, which seemed to take on a "Battersea Dogs Home" feel, complete with cages and barking left, right and centre.

The whole place would take days to completely check out though, so that's us buggered!

Up and coming events for Gareth and Helen...

Bridge over the River Kwai



Escape to the island of Koh Chang

Motorbike hire!

It's definately not quiet...

Anyway.. have fun!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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