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The Royal Gorge Bridge

The Aerial Tram ( no longer there)


We rode in ths


White Bison

Did not fancy this they swing you out over the gorge




Incline Railway ( now damaged)





First sign of the smoke



Getting everybody off the bidge

Driving away from the park





Where we shopped this is 5 miles from the fire


As we drive into the campground

Looking very close







We are off just been evacuated, this is the side of our...

Leaving the campground

Guy has a wind detector


No traffic on the road


Blocked the road, this road has now been closed since Tuesday


103 as we leave Canon City

Took this photo 15 miles from the campground as we were travelling

Tuesday off to The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park again as when we visited last night only the bridge was open, first we rode on the Aerial Tram that goes across the gorge which is 2200ft wide and when you are in the middle it is 1000ft down with the Arkansas River roaring below.

There is also a railway that runs alongside the river.

Once we were over the other side of the gorge we walked around the animal area where we saw Elk, Bighorn Sheep & Bison, there was 3 White Bison very rare and scared to the Indians we had never seen these before. I decided to go back via the Aerial Tram Wal walked across the bridge. Then onto the Incline Railway the worlds steepest conveyance of its kind we rode down in caged cars so different to other incline railways we have been on before, when we got to the bottom we wandered along the river for a few minutes then caught another train back up, it was while we were down in the gorge we could smell smoke and as we climbed back up you could see the smoke billowing over the gorge, it was the last train that run that day. I went to go and take photos at the bridge to find that they were closing it off and talking about evacuating the park, so we decided to leave then.

As we drove down we could see so much smoke and at the bottom stopped to take some photos got talking to an off duty fireman explained where we were staying and he said the wind was blowing the other way so our RV was quite safe. We then headed into Canon City to get some groceries and the plan was to stay there for the afternoon, but looking at all the smoke and we had travelled 5 miles away from it I was not happy so we headed back to the campground.

On arrival you could see the fire not far behind the campground with the flames shooting up high, we were told that the police would come if we had to evacuate, so we semi started to pack up the RV then thought we would have some lunch, had just made it and there was a knock at the door to EVACUATE NOW you never seen us pack up & move so quick out of the campground, everybody had to leave , we could have left before but we were all praying the wind would not bring it our way but it did. We had only been back to the RV just over an hour before this happened.

We joined the main freeway it was weird as there was no traffic coming towards us and further down the road we found out why they had blocked the road and only traffic going out of town was moving. I was so glad we did not stay in the city as they would not have let us back to get the RV, the RV is insured just wanted our passports, money, laptop & hard drives!!

We had a 50 mile drive ahead of us to Colorado Springs as we were driving you could see the smoke for miles.

As we were approaching Colorado Springs I said to Wal that looks like more smoke he said it was heat haze, I was right as on arrival at this campground we find out there is another fire here but at least this one is about 15-18 miles away, you can see it & smell it though.

The fire in Canon City where we were evacuated from was covering 300 acres when we were there it is now over 3800 acres and they have still not contained it, where we were at the park the Aerial Tram has gone part of the Incline Railway as well and there was an old Locomotive that I photographed that has burnt. I am watching the news constantly as they are evacuating loads of people from their homes over a 100 homes gone already.

We are safe where we are at the moment and hope it stays that way as they have just announced that they have closed the 83 road and part of the I-25 these are the major roads to Denver where we have to fly home from it will be a long route round if these are closed when we move on soon.

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