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Dinner at Dad's in the country

My goddaughter Ruth - we'll use this one for blackmail in the...

London was a good but short visit where we tried to sort out our lives and jobs in a few days... lucky for me I got to know my god daughter Ruth who is now almost one which was a fun and terrifying experience for me! Luckily, she has a great sense of humour like her mom, so she was very understanding of my lack of experience with small people (I think she was laughing at me behind my back though...) :-)

Sadly, London was grey, dirty, busy, and oh, some more bombs went off, and they shot a suspect at the tube station that I was using in S London (luckily, it took us too long to get ready so we weren't there)... all in all, we couldn't WAIT to get out of London!!

Lucky for us, Jonathan's dad who is super-duper, has lent us his Saab convertible for the summer so we can drive around Europe... he is a true star! So, here we go again, but this time I can take more than one pair of shoes and more than one bag... I think I will take about 15 pairs!

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