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Largest gum ball machine- B Times Square

Chinatown today. One thing Michael's noticed is that the mono-train fares change depending on the time of day that you are travelling.I think this might coincide with their peak hour travel.And in these times, the doors just close when a guard signals that the train is full, even as people are getting on the train. Don't get caught in the closing doors,they stop for no-one.

I think we were a little early in visiting Chinatown this morning,many businesses were either closed or in the process of opening.To start with,we followed a tour map highlighting the main attractions.This didn't last too long as we got easily sidetracked by other points that we found interesting. So much for good intentions.It is literally a very colorful area, with pink lanterns strung across the road & the typical Chinese displays of dragons,streamers in & around the shops,temples.

From there we wandered over to The Central Market,which houses over 228 unique shops, & is the largest Malaysian arts & crafts center.Initially, Central Market was a gambling premise that has been rebuilt over the years.

Late afternoon/early evening always seems to bring in the rain,along with thunder & lightning. But that doesn't keep the intrepid travelers at their hotel! At night there's night markets & shopping malls to explore, depending on the severity of the weather. Tonight we got the mono-rail to Berijaya Times Square,an absolutely massive shopping mall!!![ There has to be at least 10 floors of outlets,we only managed to explore 5.

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