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Entering The Great Sand Dunes National Park

One of the first views we saw


Walking along the creeks




Climbing Sand Dunes














Wal decided to take his boots off and walk in the creek...






Caterpillars breaking out!!!

Somebody had their cat on the dunes






Cat in the backpack now



Saw this bird while having lunch








The weather changed drastically


Rabbits at the campground




Playing such fun to watch

Monday a 33 mile to The Great Sands Dunes National Park nestled against the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The huge dunes are the tallest in North America, The Star Dune is 750ft high and from the car park it is a 3 mile hike to the top. At the bottom of the dunes runs the Medano Creek and Sand Creek, the water is very low at the moment and by the time it gets to July has usually dried up.

There are all sorts of animals in the area, Deer, Mountain Lions, Black Bear and many more and the only ones we saw were the deer.

We walked for 4 hours today walking along the creeks at the base of the dunes we climbed some dunes as well but did not make it to the tallest one, maybe another time, would love to come back again. It is one of the most amazing places we have been to and as the Americans say it was awesome.

The dunes are 8 miles long, and we must have walked a fair few miles of them today.

We were there all day and was going to stay & see the sunset but about 5.30pm the skies darkened and looked like a storm was brewing so we decided to leave and as we were driving back through the park it was weird we could hardly see anything around us but it was not mist, by the time we got back to the campground it had cleared and we could see the mountains again.

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