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So in Pattaya we went on a Rollercoaster... all very boring so far.

The bloody thing was flying round and just as it got to the top of the "circuit" something went wrong and it didn't quite make it... It must have been about 50 cm from the top when it ground to a halt and then... started rolling backwards. We went round the course backwards for about 100 metres when it stopped again... then went forward again, a bit like a pendulum. Eventually it came to a halt on the track in a "dip", which was about 10 metres off the ground. Still stuck in the car, all we could do was sit there. Meanwhile people in the nearby water park noticed what was going on and gathered around taking photos! It was a bit scarey at first, but after a while we realised that there was no other train on the circuit and we weren't going to die! It was about at that point that two red faced Thais came running along with a ladder. They whacked it up and we had to climb down off the bloody thing. That was the scarey bit! Poor Pornphan was a bit nervous, it was her first time on a rollercoaster... Eventually we got down feeling a bit stupid, however we did manage to get the photos of us on the coaster (pre-failure) for free!


Don't think we'll be going on a rollercoaster again for a while!


Whilst also in Pattaya we went to see the huge Buddha there. This thing is massive and can be seen from all around. It's gold, with a massive staircase leading up to it. There were quite a few Buddha statues there, showing the various parts of his life, all gold!

Also nearby was a "skytower", showing views of the area and the bay. We had an amazing buffet up there, up on the revolving restaurant! We're starting to get used to the Chilli based food, but every now and then it's nice to have a boring ham sandwich! To get down off the tower we got into a 'cage-based' cable car contraption. It looked a bit dicey, but was great fun. Gareth's Dad was chatting all the way down and we are convinced that it was so he didn't have to think about the height and swaying! (He'll deny that though!!)

Pattaya also has a thriving "adult" scene. We could see it going on quite a bit in some parts of the town, but obviously didn't get involved...! There seemed to be lots of bars with Kick Boxing and 'hostesses', complete with some actually being men. There did seem to be an unusually high count of western middle-aged men there...

We had a great time though! The Rollercoast seemed to add to the fun! To get around the best way seemed to be by these crazy 'communal' taxis where the driver took multiple passengers to different destinations. This things were actually Utes (Like vans with a bit in the back to put stuff in) with big metal seats. There were no seat belts. It seems that you held on to you life and your bags all at the same time! This is typical of crazy Thailand!! We love it! All for 100 Baht!

We'll tell more soon,

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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