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Kenny heads back to Malaysia

Long Beach

Cooling off with a good book

Charlies Angels

Turtle Power at T3

Jenkins Whip Ray at Stingray Alley

Blue Spotted Ray

Karen gets a manicure

The Seadragon crew

Hammock time at sunset, Coral Bay

Up early again and this time the train was there. Apparently there's been a bit of trouble in southern Thailand recently, bombs etc and this is probably why there was a guy on the train with an M16 rifle. The Foreign office tell you not to travel through this part of Thailand. Funny how these things don't bother you when you're away. Guess it might be the same when we get back.

Anyway, we decided to walk to the border (stupid decision #786) in the steamy heat and 20 minutes later we were back in Malaysia. An hour taxi ride later and we were bumping our way across the sea to the beach lovers paradise of Pulua Perhentian Kecil, or the small island as everyone calls it. We opted to stay on Long Beach, where the 'action' is and began the ritualistic trudge up and down the beach to find a bed for the night. We ended up staying in a 24 bed dorm! Not the best start to our holiday at the end of the holiday. No matter though, we found a bungalow all our own the next day and began 6 wonderful days of totally unwinding, swimming, tanning, diving and making new friends. It's a wonderful place and it'd be easy to lose weeks there. Karen nearly didn't come back when dive instructor Paul asked if she'd like to do her Divemaster course. We shall return....

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