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ONE girls bags... and the photo totally doesnt do the size of...

The opposite side of our cabin taken from my side on top...

Some of my girls (L-R Jessie, Alex, Missy, Carrie, Allie) with socks...

American Kids know too much!

Nearly a week into camp

Monica and I at the lake for a campfire

Chloe, Monica, Jenna, Alex and I at the campfire

ok, so we get to camp, do about four or five days of orientation stuff and then we get bags upon bags of stuff sent to our cabin to unpack for the kids. Now as most of you know, for the first four weeks of camp I had "inters" which are 7, 8 and 9 year olds so it was sort of understandable that they might need HELP unpacking, but no, it was all done for them! Even for the eldest campers (15!!!).

Here are a few pictures of what our cabin looked like at the very beginning of camp.

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