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On the way to Amarillo passedthis Airforce Base

Driving through lots of small towns

Somebody still lives in this property




Into another State


Bit foggy on route but cleared later

This is on the campground in Amarillo

Wal cleaning the car windscreen before we got out for the day

GPS put us on several dirt roads that went on for miles!!!


Palo Duro Canyon State Park




Hiking to see the Lighthouse Rock



Another collared Lizard


We can see the lighthouse in the distance quite a way stilll...

Lots more bugs

Tiny butterfly less than 1cm


Nearlt there






We made it


On our way back now




Wild Turkey, usually they are skinny!!

Yellow Bellied Woodpecker

House Finches

Northern Cardinal- male

Northern Cardinal-female


There are lots of fords through the park, mostly dry this time...


It was HOT today!!!

Trans Pecos Spotted Whiptail Lizard



Mother feeding its young

Painted Bunting






Storm about to start


Friday moved on again driving 230 miles in 4 hours, we are now in Amarillo Texas, we were going up through Oklahoma but it is Memorial Weekend here so campgrounds get filled quickly, I could not find a campground where we were planning to go. Another chip in the RV windscreen on route today, well it can just stay there, the last one they could not polish out properly so going to save our money for now then pay the $500 deductible & get a new windscreen at a later date. Already had 1 new one since we bought the RV and that was only about 2 years ago. Lots to do here so staying 4-5 nights, weather glorious at 84 degrees but the winds are strong tonight and rocking the RV about. Saturday headed out to Palo Duro Canyon State Park the second largest canyon in the United States, 120 miles long and 800feet deep. The Red Rocks standing out against the blue skies, beautiful to see, as we hiked the 6 mile trail to the Lighthouse Rock ( formation created by erosion). When we started of it was 80 degrees by the time we got back it had reached over 90 and by the end of the day was hitting 98. Along the trail saw a different lizard and other butterflies. The last part of the trail we had to scramble up steep gravel tracks trying not to look down and lose our footing. It was actually worse coming back down that part of the track, the camera was packed away on the decline in case I slipped. The hike was well worth it when we finally got to the top it took nearly 3 hours with a rest at the top. When we got back it was a visit to the Trading Post for lunch then I spent quite a bit of time in the blind watching all the different birds quite a few I had never seen before. Next was a drive to the end of the park just for views but on the way back we walked part of the Sunflower Trail but by then it was too hot to hike very far. So back get more cold drinks & watch more birds before finally getting home at 7pm, it was a great day out. We were on weather alert again tonight for severe thunderstorms (which we often are) but tonight we got one so much lightening & rocking the RV again lashing down with rain, but within 2 hours in was all over.

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