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Three Arched Stone Arch Bridge built around 1880

Merganser duck - thanks Mary!

closeup of the Merganser

Rock Shelter for ancient Indians

all the outdoor necessities

dry place to sleep and store stuff

pretty little flower

detail shows nicely for this one

set by Brant to commemorate Tories and Indians killed here (very few)

After doing some business in Liberty, NY, I went down a country road and found the Natural Stone Arch Bridge Historical Park. This three arch bridge was built in 1880 to provide important transport for the settlement of Sullivan County. There was a “hex” murder on this bridge in 1882. I wonder what that means! It’s a nice little park with a nature trail, nice bathrooms, a playground, and several picnic stations. I saw a duck on a rock in the middle of the little river and I wonder what kind it is. Can anyone tell me what has such a hairy head?

The road I was on led to Callicoon and I remember that the little town has a movie theater and a bowling alley. The movies they will be playing over the summer are Avengers, Man of Steel, Star Wars, and other ones like it. Bummer – nothing I want to see. The bowling alley is open 6 days a week from 11:30 to 9 PM, so that’s something to do on a rainy day!

Since the sun came out and I was either driving or sitting most of the day, I stopped at the Minisink Battleground Park across from the Roebling Bridge and walked the trails there. This is the location of a Revolutionary War battle where the Indians and Tories decimated the Revolutionists who came to strike revenge for pillaging Port Jervis. I saw some interesting things on these trails, but there was no brochure to explain what the numbered posts tell us. At the end of the Rockshelter trail was a shelter of rock used by prehistoric Indians over 4000 years ago. I wonder how they know that. Not knowing that was the end of the trail, I went on and discovered a crude camp with a big fireplace, a cook station, an outhouse, and a cabin with beds and supplies inside. Then I saw a sign saying it was private property, so I turned around and went back.

I came to an intersection with a huge boulder with a couple of perfectly round little holes in it. A sign says that Col. Brant and Tories probably set it to commemorate those killed in battle here. Huh. Another trail, called Old Quarry Trail has remnants of stone quarries nearby. Makes sense.

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