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Impressive Liege train station

Liege train station

One last picture of the Leige train station in Belguim, yes we...

Pam on train somewhere in Belguim

Hauptmarket in Trier

Porta Nigra gate in Trier, roman ruins

Karl Marx was from Trier, art trying to imitate life ?

Another picture of the Hauptmarket platz

Romanesque cathedral -Dom in Trier

Terry enjoying evening meal in Trier

May 23 2013

Biked about 7 miles for a total of 162 miles.

To night we are in Trier, Germany on the Mosel river.

We left Maastricht after our spartan breakfast. We to the train station and got tickets for Luxembourg city. Almost immediately after leaving the Netherlands the topography changed and it was much hiller. It as if some decided that Holland should have all the flat land. It was very pretty, rolling hills, limestone bluffs and beautiful rivers along the railroad line.

We changed trains in Liege, Belgium, which we spent about 45 minutes exploring waiting for the next train. Looks pretty cool. We both agreed this is the most interesting and architecturally beautiful train station we have ever seen in Europe.

We continued on to Luxembourg city with a brief layover.

Incidental, we traveled by train due to time constraints and it was raining intermittently and between 39 - 43 degrees. The sun would occasionally come out, only to tease us and disappear a few minutes later. I am glad we are not biking.

Trier is a very historical. with the wine culture started during the Roman times. Tasted some great Riesling wines tonight grown locally.

Had a fine German meal tonight. Pam did too.

Waled back to our Airbnb place and it was Getting very cold. The cloud layer is now gone and we have our little bit of heat. It is expected to get down to 31 degrees F tonight. Very brisk day tomorrow, at least at the start.

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