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Ruins of Limburger near Maastricht

Windmill on Maas river near Maastricht

St Peters caves map - 220 km of tunnels under Maastricht

In St Peters cave, sea creature found in cave

Bahnhof museum in Maastricht, mural depicting a 5 km continuous line

Draw bridge on Maas river, we were crossing in Maastricht

Entrance to Kruisenhotel near where we stayed in Maastricht, polished copper

Inside Kruisenhotel hotel - ex church in Maastricht

May 22 2013

Today we biked 5 miles together for a total of 155 miles.

Pam of course biked further and she dies not to keep track here.

I went to the conference once again. I learned about pregnant and infant travelers, sex tourism ( Not to what you think), One Health - animal and human health combined, zoonosis diseases and ISTM business.

Pam explored the local scene.

Ă€fter biking on the many paths I went to Saint Peter's caves for a great tour with a local person who was quite entertaining. After hanging out in the local pleins(plazas) I went to the Bonnehafen Museum. They had a great Art

Russian exhibit. It was fairly cold and randomly misty so it was a great place for the afternoon.

I met Terry for one of the talks and then nice ISTM reception.

Then we went for dinner in the Wyck area to round out our day. Terry did have Belgian beers that continue to be good.

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