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Entrance to Van de Valk hotel in Stein-Urmond

Canal along the Maas river north of Maastricht

Marchers in parade in Maastricht on Pinkerster day

Marchers with the head of St Servants in Maastricht parade

Lunch at Basilica restaurant in Maastricht

May 19 2013

We biked 30 miles today for a total of 140 miles.

Woke to sunshine that lasted all day. Our best day yet. No rain.

We ate a quick breakfast of an apple and roll each at the Hotel de Valk in Urmond and got on the road again.

Continue our travel south to Maastricht passing through more small villages and rural small farms along the Maas river. Very easy to follow the route with the marked Dutch bike highway system. Truely this is a bikers paradise. Pathed bike highways in the middle of nowhere. This is slightly hilly for a relatively flat country. we are generally biking through rural areas as we head south.

Arrived in Maastricht and easily navigated to our place to stay. The city is easy to navigate with the river running centrally through it and several taller steeples to keep oriented.

When we arrived in Maastricht there was a parade in honor of Pentacostal or Pinkerster day. Something biblical - God's word was revealed to everyone in any language ?

We went to the conference site and I attended the opening lecture at the MECC. We ate/drank, had dinner and wine at the reception for the ISTM (International Society of Travel Medicine) after the meeting. Caught up with old friends from Madison and met new ones.

Observations of the Dutch. Everyone rides bikes but rarely do you see a helmet on their heads except if they are a bike racer or wanna be.

Also, the ratio of smokers of old or young people, it seems to tend towards the young. everyone we have met are down to earth nice people and very helpful when called upon.

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