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Pam ogling produce in Viersen

Copious amounts of asparagus and strawberries in Viersen

Sipping doppelbach in Venlo watering hole

Pam imbibing at local saloon in Venlo

The sign reads roughly " no bikes allowed", of which people do...

Bikes galore near train station in Venlo

May 17 2013

Biked about 30 miles today for a total of 55 miles.

Woke up to overcast cool weather, but not overtly raining, it did sprinkle some later in the day. Did not get as wet as yesterday.

The road north and then northeast to our destination , Venlo in the Netherlands (Holland) was easier to follow. Marked better and bike path almost the whole way.

Made it to Viersen, stopped at a nice farmers market. Indulged in some fresh,wonderful strawberries. The white asparagus (spargal) was plentiful and looked very good.

From there we went to Suchteln - a nice little German village.

Just north of this we found a bikeshop - where my seat was raised some and they performed a minor adjustment of Pam's rear brakes. They told us about a converted railroad,to line to bike path to Venlo. We found this easily and on fresh paved tar through a wooded nature preserve.

We found a nice 3 star hotel in Venlo.

We had heard the Netherlands is a bicyclists paradise. I would have to concur. Central city is a buzz with bikes going everywhere, spanning all ages.

Dinner in Venlo at the Central Cafe -beautiful building- and excellent food. I had asparagus dish and Pam a seafood salad.

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