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Peaceful valley!




360 from our lot on the lower level out of the wind.







Ki is pleased..^)^

The Campground on the Hill! ha We've stayed here a lot of times... usually with a brisk breeze.. so this time we asked to have a spot with less wind. Good choice! It doesn't get much more peaceful than this.

Had quite an experience at dinner last night. Did you ever have one of those days when exactly everything goes sideways?? Well.. that was the kind of day our waitress was having bless her heart! Tripped on high chair by our table and splattered a (luckily..)small cup of soup. Mopping operation. Then it went downhill from there. Poor gal... when that starts it just keeps going down hill. ha They were extremely busy (read packed) one table of 20... several birthdays to be celebrated by everyone singing... Migraine city for the waitresses! Food was delicious. lots of laughter at our table with Jodi & Janaya, P & me and Mary. We did end up getting one meal free and the last round of drinks free. Steaks were perfect.. I had a chance at a gluten free Mac & Cheese that was over the top! ^_^ Fun night for us!

There were storms near here after we got back to the A/S... 70 mph winds and hail about 13 miles from us. We just got some rain.

Today we head out to Grangers at Tomah, WI to try out a new park. And then on to Maple Grove.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Love to all

P & E

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