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Still smiling

My headphones and rain slicker. The slicker cost me a buck!

A slicker can't hide her beauty!

Mission Control

Shuttle cockpit

A Spacelab shower

Felix jumped out of this! Why?

Rained all night and much of this morning. Not used to such weather.

This morning we visited the Johnson Space Center and found a lot of loud kids, many with parents who need parenting training. I found it necessary to remove my hearing aids in order that what little hearing I have left be preserved. One little loud mouth sat behind us on the tram and made it a reward when a thunderstorm caused the tour to be cancelled.

We were able to see the actual mission control room that served all of the Gemini and Apollo missions. That was history we had seen in the making. A tour of the Space Shuttle cock pit and living quarters was more history we had lived through as was the Space Lab which we also toured. Saw the space suit and capsule that Felix Baumgartner used when setting his record free fall from space. I didn't realize that his free fall was 122,000 feet in little more than four minutes. Now that's hauling butt!!!

Spending the rest of today waiting for the rain to stop.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a special report of a special event!!

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