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First view of Mont St Michel-tiny bump on the water

Here is a zoom

Black lines are oyster beds

Getting closer

At the base of Mont St Michel-it's a long way up

The first climb

A dam-to try prevent sediment buildup

Still a long way to go

Looking down to the village-only about 25 people live here


Getting closer-but not there yet

Finally-as high as we can climb

Stone mason's mark-outside the main chapel

Stone mason's mark

View from the top-you may see some tiny dots-they are people

A zoom of people walking across the sand at low tide

It's a long way down



Inside the church


Church windows

Detail of windows



The cloister garden-a later addition

Original cloister garden-just these carvings on the columns


Window in the cloister garden

The guest hall

Door into the guest hall


Love the wisteria

The village cemetery

St Michael himself

After lunch we continued our drive down the coast to Mont St Michel. This monument is a world heritage site and probably one of the most photographed sites in France. Building was begun in 708 after Aubert, the Bishop of Avranches (a nearby town) had 3 dreams in which St Michael appeared to him.

It is built on a rock that is situated on a flat plain, that would be completely surrounded by water when the tide came in. There is a causeway to the island now, so access is not limited to walking out at low tide. The sand is very dangerous – like quicksand, and inexperienced people have been known to be caught in the rising tide and drowned. It is an important pilgrimage site – with over 3 million visitors each year.

I can’t possibly remember all the details that Christophe told us about Normandy today, but I would suggest that if you come to Normandy, you should definitely hire him for a day trip down the coast. His knowledge of history is amazing.

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