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La Fermette, our gite on Rue des Anglais, Montchaton

Our gite in Montchaton

Front yard

View from the gite

View from the gite

The neighbourhood


Coutances, France

Condom vending machine-right on the street

Coutances Cathedral

Coutances Cathedral

Lovely flowers

Spring is here

Pansies-my favorite

Coutances street

A typical charming French town

Food vendors at the Jazz sous les pommiers festival

Grilled sausages and frites-what's not to like?

Another lovely street in town

Low tide-Regnéville-sur-Mer


Waiting for water

Space weapon?

Regnéville-sur-Mer-Harbour map

Are you eligible to park here?

Finally-successful foraging for groceries

The rooster crows at dawn, and apparently for at least another 3 hours. The one in our village is very persistent, still squawking in the afternoon.

With shops closed yesterday for the VE Day holiday, we had no groceries with which to make breakfast, so we made a trip into Coutances to see what we could find. We had brunch at a nice restaurant and then headed out to the shops. They were all closed, and not just for the lunch hour. It is typical for stores to close between about noon and 2 PM.

We discovered that it is the national religious holiday of Ascension, on a Thursday 39 days after Easter. No wonder there were so many children out when we thought they should be in school. There was plenty of activity in the town because of the Jazz festival, and lots of street and restaurant food was available.

It seemed to be time to check out the sea, as we are very close to the Atlantic in this west part of Normandy. We drove to Regnéville-sur-Mer, where we explored a bit of the beach at low tide and found an open patisserie where we bought some bread.

Then we checked out Montmartin-sur-Mer, where we were lucky to find a Carrefour market that was open. Oh happy day-to stock up on groceries and eat at home. Grilled sausages, potatoes and salad-delicious.

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