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Loading Up Doris

Zeeland Sluice Gates

Our Ferry

Packed up, loaded Doris onto her trailer and headed West towards the coast. The area known as Zeeland looked interesting. It is a series of islands and promontories on the west coast of Holland south of the Hook of Holland.the islands have all been linked together with dams and bridges along their coasts. The locks and sluice gates are ginormous, clever people these Dutch.

I tried to phone ahead & book a site in the area but it was full so decided to take pot luck and look for one when we got there. I was looking for one for our last night that would be reasonably close to the ferry terminal at The Hook. However once we got to the Zeeland area we decided to see if we could catch the night ferry tonight instead of the lunchtime ferry tomorrow. Using our friendly McDonald's wifi we managed to Skype Stena Ferries and get on tonight's ferry, at a cost mind you. At least we saved the cost of a camp site tonight to set off against the extra.

We had covered the 110 miles to Zeeland from Mierlo by lunch time so we had the afternoon to drive the 70+ to The Hook. It only took a couple of hours and we arrived at The Hook by late afternoon with a couple of hours to wait till they opened the gates of the ferry terminal. We parked up along the bank of the estuary, had a coffee break and watched the ferry arrive. Filled Ethel up with diesel here as it works out at about £1.20 a ltr, which is about 20p a ltr cheaper than in the UK. A lovely afternoon to end our time "sur le continent".

We boarded the ferry just after 7pm, very easy process through the Check-in and Immigration points. The Stena ferries are superb, very modern and clean. On the night ferries you have to have a cabin and we went straight up to ours with our night clothes. Only complaint was that our cabin had two single bunk beds and I got the top bunk again. The aluminium ladder was murder on my bare feet.

We had a picnic on the afterdeck as the sun went down in a blaze of glory and were in bed and tucked up before the ship sailed at 10.30pm. A lovely smooth crossing, you wouldn't know you were moving at all, which is good considering my lack of sea legs.

Start mileage - 1920

Mileage at port - 2122

Distance - 202 miles

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