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A drive across Texas can be a bit boring, and we have three days planned. Glad Linda is along to keep me awake. Drove about five hours yesterday and saw 47 dust devils, 22 tumbleweeds, six dying cactus and a whole lot of cattle with their days numbered. The most exciting discovery was the 80mph speed limit, which made me want to drop the trailer and put the pedal down. Linda wanted her red Camaro back for one last run. We spent last night in an older but well maintained campground just outside of Fort Stockton and the size of the sites show you how RV's have grown over the years, with a lot of the newer units being too large for the sites.

Linda's personal chef (that be me) was too tired from driving to cook so we went on a search for our kind of place, and found the Sagebrush Cafe. We started with fried pickles and they were equal to those we first tried at Seawees back in Charleston. Linda had some steak dish, but her fingers and fork were moving so fast that a picture was impossible. I had the seven piece catfish platter and am really glad they can't count in Texas. Added to that were fries, hush puppies and some okra that was almost too good to eat. Finished that off with some buttermilk pie which would have been low fat had they not put the unordered whipped cream on top. Most of the staff were teens and they truly had a work ethic of old. Those kids were hustling and they knew how to treat old folks.

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