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It's Snowing

Foggy Morning

Playin' in the Snow

Pretty Snow

Ice Dam

Rock Wall

Rock Wall 2

Rock Wall 3

I'm Hungry!

Look at Me!

Off She Goes!

Contented Puppy

Sunset at the Pond

Love me some Nilla Wafers!

After all the excitement of the coach repairs we had to do during 2012, we are definitely looking forward to a much quieter 2013. And so, we have offered up a prayer to the RV Gods. The weather got MUCH colder and we worked hard to keep warm and keep our stuff from freezing. To demonstrate how cold it got here we've included one photo of the ice dam we had between the convenience center on the coach (where all water services are located) and the ground. We've also included several beautiful photos of the icicles that hang from the rocks alongside US60 which runs on one side of our campground. While beautiful, we took this as just another reminder why we won't stay this far north again in the winter months!

The owners we work for must like what we do, because they have taken several short-term (less than a week) mini-vacations during this timeframe, leaving us “in charge.” While that makes us feel really good about our capabilities, we are always glad to see them come home. They were finally able to fix things so that we no longer have to move to get propane; when the campground propane is filled, so is our coach. This is such a HUGE load off our plate.

Sheila taught Chris how to make good southern barbecue in the pressure cooker, and that is a beautiful thing! That and some good, old southern coleslaw...life is good! Brent and Sheila have become friends in the year we have been here and we have enjoyed spending time with them outside of work. We sure are going to miss them when we finally do leave...after Labor Day 2013! Yep, we extended...AGAIN! But we do already have our reservations to stay at Anchor's Aweigh in Foley, AL starting October 1st.

Chris has taken up a new hobby...she makes bead earrings. And some pretty nice ones, too! She has already sold some and has some on sale in the campground store. Special orders, anyone? LOL, just kidding. This hobby does, as Chris's mom would say, keeps her off the streets and out of bars! LOL

On one of Brent and Sheila's mini-vacations, one leg of the power to part of the campground died. This affected our campsite, so we had to move. So Dave and one of the guys started digging and found the problem. After a week of digging a more than 75 feet long by 1 foot wide by 4 foot deep trench, they were able to lay new wire and get full power back to the park. Never a dull moment!

And absolutely no posting would be complete without a picture of our loyal traveling companion, Ollie. We think the picture just screams “I love me some Nilla Wafers.” He's such a sweet, loving companion and will turn 13 in May. His story: We went to PetSmart to get some filters for a fish tank (that we no longer have), the local humane society was there with some dogs and cats. Ollie had just been “fixed” and looked absolutely pitiful. The woman from the humane society saw that Dave was looking at Ollie and told him that she was just going to take Ollie on a potty walk. So Dave ended up taking him for a walk and the rest, as they say, is history. That was 12 years ago. Love our black lab, for sure!

The weather warmed up sporadically and we SOOOOO enjoyed the warm moments. We even had a day or 2 of “shorts” weather. We decided to take off for a week or so between our “contracts” before the summer seasom starts, and that will be another post. Will catch up with you all later!

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