Canal Drive

Eindhoven - After The Coronation

In The Park

Mierlo War Cemetery

So Many Headstones

Dutch Geocachers

Another lovely day so we decided we would stay another day here in Mierlo. I off-loaded Doris and we rode the 7 miles into Eindhoven along the canal path. A really pleasant ride in the sunshine and the canal went right into the centre. We parked up Doris and wanted our way around the central streets. There were lots of signs of the previous days coronation celebrations with a lot of clearing up going on.

We had another picnic lunch in a park before heading back along the canal to Mierlo. We'd found out that there was a British War Graves cemetery on the doge of town so we decided to visit it. As we arrived we noticed a Dutch couple complete with bicycles, everyone in Holland had bicycles and they all seem to ride them too. The guy was acting a limitless strange and looking at something he had in his hand which looked like a mobile phone.

Anyway they took their bikes and left as we entered the cemetery so we were the only people there. There were 686 graves here of mainly British soldiers together with a few RAF men killed towards the end of 1944 as the allies pushed the Germans back out of France, Belgium & Holland. There are lots of cemeteries along the line of the allies assault route from Normandy and everyone I have seen so far has been immaculately looked after.

However the rows and rows of white headstones each with the military insignia, name and age of the dead soldier or airman really bring home the cost of wars in terms of human lives. Rows of stones with men all killed on the same day and groups of men all from the same regiment who died together on the same day. So sad and the majority just into their twenties.

As we were leaving the same couple who we met on arrival came back and we got talking to them. It turned out that they were geocachers so we exchanged stories and they gave us a Travel Bug to take back to England.

After that we drove back to our site for coffee and a toasted bun before going off to seek out a couple of geocaches ourselves. We found both the caches which had been placed in a forest area to the south of our camp site. A pleasant couple of hours walking amongst the trees to finish off a rather pleasant day.

To cap it all we got back to Elsie and when we checked our email there was one there with a vide clip of our youngest grandson taking his first walking steps.

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