TV Tower

Mierlo Windmill

Nice showers on this site so another early morning shower to start the day. Viv did use Elsie'st on board shower on one site the other day but it is simpler to use the the site showers and toilets where possible. It saves emptying the on board waste & toilet tanks too often. I try to remember to fill up the water tank & empty the waste water tank either as we get to a site or as we leave, as it saves moving Elsie once we we are set up on a site.

Had a couple of hours on the Internet this morning uploading the travel notes and pictures before we hitched up Doris and headed north. Decided to follow the Rhine as far as possible and we passed through Koblenz, Bonn and Cologne as we motored steadily on. We did stop for a picnic lunch beside the Rhine in a small town where we had a problem going down a narrow road with houses on either side.

I wanted to get to the river but unfortunately a woman was loading her car on our side of the road so I had to move out to get past her. As we tried to squeeze past Viv spotted a sign sticking out from the wall on her side so I stopped and she got out to check. Sure enough it was going to hit our roof so we were sort of stuck. I tried backing up but the trailer is a pain to reverse with and unfortunately as I tried to avoid scraping the woman's car or the house wall I didn't spot that the trailer had swung round and it caught the corner of Elsie. I couldn't go back & I couldn't go forward so we had to sit there till the woman finished loading her car. Then she couldn't go forward because there was a car parked in front of her so she had to reverse back down the road to the bottom where she could turn off and let us past.

We did get our picnic by the Rhine in the end but at the expense of a cracked corner on Elsie's rear bumper. Fortunately the corner is a small separate section so can easily be replaced. After lunch we continued up the Rhine to Dusseldorf where we were thinking of staying the night. We had a problem locating the camp site listed in our camp site book so we just carried on and ended up driving out of Germany and back into Holland.

The first site we found there looked fine with a lot of activity around the entrance area. This turned out to be because today was the coronation day of the new King of Holland. Apparently we have also hit a Dutch holiday week and our camp site wanted to charge double our normal rate so we moved on to the next one in our book which was located in a small town called Mierlo. Turned out to be a super little site with very friendly people running it who spoke great English, thank goodness. We are so lucky that nearly everyone we have had contact with have been able to speak English as our Dutch, Polish & German are non existent.

We had a light meal in the site cafe/bar and a quiet evening apart from the sound of fireworks about 10pm, presumably celebrating the new King. I did have a walk into town but didn't see many signs of celebration.

Start mileage - 1761

End mileage - 1920

Distance - 159miles

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