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Town Wall

The Castle

Cache Location

A nice sunny start today so we took an early morning walk into the town which is right on the junction of the Lahn and the Rhine. Really lovely spot with a castle on the hill above the town on one bank and a church perched on top of the hill on the other side of the Lahn. I had located a couple of geocaches in the town last night on the internet site and we did manage to find one this morning on a sign post on the bank of the river. It was a tiny metal canister with a magnet which allowed it to be stuck on the metal sign post & hidden behind the signs bracket.

As everywhere looked so nice we decided to have a rest day and stay here another night. So Doris was unloaded off her trailer and after coffee we zoomed off to explore the town and surrounding hills. The local Tourist Information provided us with a map and we spent a few hours motoring around the town and local area. At least we found that Doris can cope with hills when we made our way up to the castle. We found a nice Biergarten in the forest outside the town where, after buying two coffees, they allowed us to eat our picnic lunch there.

We managed to blow the cut-out on the electric box again today, it blew last night and I just moved our plug into a spare socket on the distribution box. This time there wasn't a spare socket so a trip to the reception office was required to get the manager to reset the cut-out switch. I found out that our supply load is restricted to 6 amps so we must have exceeded that as it is not very generous. We have a gas cooker and grill but where we have electricity we use our electric kettle & toaster. The fridge works on gas or electricity as does the heater so if too many units are on at the same time it will soon exceed 6 amps.

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