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Nice Balancing Job!

Found the Leak!

Well, we had another issue just in time to close out 2012. We noticed that the carpeting in the back bathroom was wet and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. We used towels to dry it as well as we could, but the wood portions at the bottom of the cabinets were becoming conditions for mold to set in. We tried to get an appointment to have it fixed, to no avail. So we decided to try to troubleshoot it ourselves. We determined that there was a leak from the water pipes to/from our washer/ dryer. The washer is way too heavy for Dave to manhandle by himself, and Chris wasn't strong enough to help. So we got our boss, Brent, involved. The boys pulled the washer out of its cabinet and centered it on a stack of soda-pop cases. We quickly spied where the leak was coming from and Dave tightened all the water lines. The hardest part was re-attaching the dryer venting and then returning the washer to the cabinet. We worked on this over a couple of days so that we could thoroughly dry out all the wet areas with a fan placed strategically. Everything is back in perfect working order, clothes are being washed and dried, and Dave and Brent can pat each other on the back. Good job, boys!

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