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Helen at one of the Sky Train stations

Bangkok rush hour carnage!

The Classy "Emporium" shopping centre

Cool advert on the steps of the Sky Train

Guess which company?

13Baht for a can of coke! That's 20p!!

iPod Train!

Chinese Steam Boat at a local restaurant - you cook!

eeek - those little bowls are always dead spicey

"Please don't eat me"

All steamed out

Night time Bangkok

Locals watch new movies at the localwalk in video store


One of Bangkok's main roads, with Sky Train towering above

Helen at the Korean restuarant! It's BBQ time, Korean style!

Gareth's Dad and Pornphan get stuck in at the Korean restaurant

Korean food

The Korean restaurant - very social!

Helen with Gareth's Dad and his girlfriend at a German bar

Chang Beer!! Heavywieght...

MBK shopping centre. The real deal!!

Aw Yeah!

If there's one thing Helen has shown Gareth how to do in style in the past year then it has to be shopping. There's no better place in the world to do that than in Bangkok.

There are various different places that seem to be effective and different places sell different things... He's a breakdown of where we've been and what we like:

Khao San Road: Backpacker central, Bangkok.

Full to the brim of Backpackers getting ripped off left, right and centre, but also the best place to go for bargain priced funky CDs and T-shirts. Sure, it is a little over-priced in Thai terms, but where else are you going to find Mylo's "Destroy Rock'n'Roll" CD for less than 2 quid?! Great also for wallets, T-shirts (Gareth bought 6, Helen got 3) and software, this seems to be the centre of the western world in Bangkok. Complete with a BK (only 4 quid a meal) and a Makky D's (iiNet people: Maccas), which only cost 79 baht (about 1 pound) for a meal.

Wahay! The truth is, you can get a meal on the back streets for 20 - 40 baht if you look, so in comparison 79 baht is a lot!


Street Markets: DVD central

It seems the little markets are great for all things DVD, CD, Jeans and touristy chop stick type stuff. The deals are out of this world. We love the markets!

Shopping Centres: Heaven

From Emporium to MBK to Fortune Tower, massive shopping centres are everywhere. Mega cheap mobiles, PCs, memory, printers, ipods etc seem to be the way forward here. We love it!

Local Markets: Mayhem

Live frogs, fish, squid and more - yes! This is where you come for a shave in the street or if you need a wok! Complete with shoe shops next to hand built TVs and hifis, its all here and its cheap! Like the budgie!

Anyway - Gareth and Helen, for all your shopping needs ;-)

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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