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Another journal problem, so very few pics tonight.

Another journey into the unplanned. We took the trailer to Tucson for some maintenance and they were backed up so we needed a place to spend some time and what better place than Saguaro National Park. The colors were brighter and much more vibrant than on our previous trips. Not only that, but the Saguaro bloom is really marching toward full. We took lots of pictures, but our camera just doesn't capture the desert colors. Shortly after we passed the halfway point of the loop we were traveling, Linda got out of the truck to take a picture of a Saguaro. That ended our Saguaro tour, but I think it best that my dear bride tell you the story.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here's Linda!!!!! Welllll....After I took the picture and was heading back to the truck, I had to step down a dirt bank. The dirt was loose and I fell on my bottom! But in the process of falling, I leaned back on a cactus bush! I have never experienced anything like this; Don was picking needles out of my back for what seemed like hours. Not a nice ending to a lovely ride. Leave it to me.

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