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Church in Zutphen

Flower stall at Zutphen market

Christine with Vegetable stall at Zutphen market

City Gate at Zutphen

Shop Window display in Zutphen

Buttressed buildings in Zutphen

Horse Carriage in Zutphen

Captain at Reception

Da Vinci Dessert

Christine at Dinner

Sunset at Doesburg

Church in Doesburg

A Doesburg Street

Doesburg Harbour

We were again underway before we were up this morning and when we rose we were back in the land of canals with "scenery on both sides, mainly flat farmland, but with the occasional village and campground. We had breakfast then went up to the lounge and watched the scenery while we caught up with our photos and journal. Unfortunately, the Internet was not connected so we could not update the web site. We arrived at Zutphen while we were eating lunch and we disembarked soon afterwards. There was a walking tour, but it was not leaving immediately and would not have left us much time to browse on our own, so we set off to explore. The main street seemed to be mainly restaurants, but from the square at the town hall a market was in progress and had a really good display of fruit, flowers, vegetables and cheeses as well as many other items.

We went further, meeting various people from the ship as we strolled this quaint and picturesque old town. On our way back to the ship we stopped for a coffee which was really good in both strength and temperature.

Back on the ship we sorted out our photos and read a newspaper we had bought - the first we have seen since leaving Scotland almost two weeks ago. The ship continued on to Doesburg which we reached before 6:00pm. We got ready for the Captain's Reception in the Lounge where he said farewell to everyone - Some are leaving tomorrow, and there were apparently other reasons for having it a night early. We then went down for the Captain's Dinner.

After dinner we went for a short walking tour of Doesburg then returned to listen to music in the lounge while some danced.

Tomorrow is our last full day on the ship. We will sail to Arnhem, probably have a walk there and pack ready to leave early on Monday.

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