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Iain with Friesland Flag

Our Tour Boat

Inside the Tour Boat

A Friesland Farmhouse


Friesian Cattle

Friesian Horses


Bridge opening for us

Building in Sneek

Water Tower in Sneek

Sneek Watergate

Iain on the way Home

Tower at Lemmer

Sunset at Urk

Waitress Andrea Belly Dancing at Crew Show

Peter and robert at Crew Show

We were wakened about 3:30am with the boat leaving Enkhuisen bound for Lemmer which we reached just as we got up. We enjoyed our breakfast then got ready to board a smaller tour boat to take us to Sneek. We are now in the province of Friesland.

About 20 people elected to remain with the ship and spend the day in Lemmer. The boat was very comfortable with chairs set up around tables and a bar which served coffee as well as other drinks and ice cream. There was an outside upper deck , but unfortunately there was rain off and on all day which precluded any extended use of it.

We cruised through a couple of lakes and a network of canals on our way to Sneek, passing windmills, farms, black and white Friesian Cows and Black Friesian horses. The scenery is very flat, just as one imagines Holland to be, with the land and the water being level in fact, often the water is higher than the land and the canal crosses over roads and may be on embankments with the land on either side being lower.

We reached Sneek and walked with the group through part of the town to the square and the Tourist Information Office. The tour disbanded and we went into the Tourist Information Office and purchased a few souvenirs and maps. We set off for the Watergate, an old entry gate for the city. We took some photos and wandered back to the town centre and found a bakers that had been pointed out by the guide. We shared a panini and a small apple turnover then walked by to the ship. The rain had eased a bit, though when we were in the bakers it was quite heavy. We were among the first back to the ship and when they returned, many who had gone into restaurants complained the service was so slow they had no time to do anything but have lunch. We were glad we had tackled things our way.

We were soon underway and returned partly by a different route passing through a couple of towns as well as the lakes and canals. Rumour has

it that I fell asleep in the return journey. When we returned to Lemmer to the ship, the docking spot for our boat was taken and we eventually rafted alongside the Da Vinci. The ship left immediately for Urk. We just had tine to upload our photos to the computer and get ready for dinner. The Ship arrived at Urk as we finished dinner. As usual we went up to the lounge for coffee and we had time to label some of the photos before the crew show started. It was very good. One of the waitresses - I think from Romania - obviously had training as a belly dancer and was very good. Two of the men did an act mimicking how various nationalities interact. They were hilarious and caricatured the national idiosyncrasies extremely well. We finished labelling the photos, checked the emails and sent a few then retired for the night.

Tomorrow we cruise inland for a while, leaving at 4:40 and arriving at lunchtime.

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