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Our walk at Mt Remarkable



Campsite at Silverton



Day 28 of our leave – Wednesday 24 April 2013

Mambray Creek, Mount Remarkable – Penrose Park, Silverton

Today we did a nice 8km walk from our campsite to a lookout. Unfortunately the walk was not very well signposted and we went on a few wrong paths before finding the correct path. The walk was mainly flat as we followed the creek bed, but the walk up to the lookout was a long steep hill. Once we got to the lookout you couldn’t see too much as there were lots of trees in the way!

We would have like to stay at this place for another day but we thought we didn’t then a massive day of driving the next day. So we packed up and said goodbye to the Atkins again! They are going home a different way to us so we probably won’t see them again on the road……but you never know!

We had lunch in the car and decided we would head somewhere near Broken Hill, hopefully somewhere where we could have a campfire and not too many people.

We looked in our Camps Book and found Penrose Park in Silverton, 22km from Broken Hill. Dad rang this campsite, the lady said they have plenty of room for us to camp, hot showers, flushing toilets and we can have campfire all for $20.

Before we got going we needed to buy fire wood but the petrol station sold out and we couldn’t find anywhere else so we decided to try and collect some on the way.

We first stopped on the side of the road and collected a few sticks when we swiftly got in the car as a dog was running for us. We drove on and saw a jack pot of fire wood. We collected heaps and put it on the roof of the camper.

We arrived at Penrose Park in the dark and set up. We started the fire, put our baked dinner in camp oven and had our showers whilst it was cooking.

We came back to a delicious dinner and played guess who as we sat around the fire.

We went to bed and this night it was absolutely freezing.

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