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When we woke we were again rafted to another cruise ship in Amsterdam. We were not up so early today and when we went down for breakfast it seemed the rest of the passengers had got into the routine of early rising as the tables were empty and cleared. We had our breakfast and got ready and left for the canal boat ride with most of the other guests. We have done these several times, but it is still enjoyable to relax and watch the buildings go by.

The ship's plan was for people to return to the ship for lunch, but we elected to stay in town and walked towards "Nemo", a science & technology museum and stopped for a light lunch at a cafe.

After we reached the museum, we spent about three and hours going round the exhibits which were geared to children to learn in an easy and enjoyable way. We were really impressed with the way things were presented and the scope of the exhibits, covering everything from the human brain to the theory of the arch and everything in between. The roof is a sundeck and gives a good view over Amsterdam. It was another fine day and, while the sundeck was not crowded, there were quite a few people enjoying the sun. We had a drink in the cafe before setting off into town where we sought out the restaurant at the Crown Plaza where we had enjoyed a couple of good meals before. It was good to have a well prepared meal with good service and pleasant staff who remembered us from our visit ten days ago.

We wended our way back to the ship and found the door locked because everyone was at dinner and we were up against another ship. Fortunately, one of the waiters was fetching something from the bar for the dining room and saw us and let us in. We left our things in the room and went up to the lounge where we sorted out our photos. People soon came up from dinner and two of the Dutch tour guides and one of the Canadian men dressed in traditional garb described the clothes.

Tomorrow we are off to Volendam, Hoorn and Enkhuisen tomorrow.

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