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Our room at Woodcastle, Delhi

Electric cables closeby

Woodcastle entrance - don't judge a book by its cover

First dinner in India - we chose Indian food

The Restaurant - our fist dinner

Arrived in India with no hassles. We must have struck some good timing, as there was no line-up to get through customs. Time for a good cup of coffee at the airport and then collected by Pawan, our driver from Zip Tours.

Traffic a bit of an eye-opener to us Aussies -- even though we've been to Bali. Lots of tooting of horns and mish-mash merging of traffic that we were happy to watch from the back seat. Delhi's population is over 20 million (in 2012) which is nearly as much as the whole of Australia which I understand just hit 23 million.

Wood Castle was a little tricky for him to find, but thankfully it was daylight and with the help of a few directions from the locals we were delivered safely to enjoy the afternoon and evening.

Don't judge a book by its cover ... we were pleasantly surprised as we entered Wood Castle. Our room was clean and spacious, ensuite, hot water, tv; downstairs lounge/dining friendly and IPL cricket a focal point. Internet access in the lounge. Lots of stars for Wood Castle for their B&B. Check it out on Trip Advisor.

Our first instruction when venturing forth for an afternoon stroll was on not being captured by a tuk-tuk driver and taken shopping .... which happened to be the first thing we did. 20 rupees return trip and 4 emporiums, it was a bit of an adventure. Pretty much heading into 'off season', we were the only customers in the emporiums, outnumbered by many staff. An opportunity to meet and speak with some lovely locals and hear their stories.

Alfa SPICE was our destination for dinner. Sampled Kingfisher beer and held off ordering dinner 'til the menu changed from Chinese to Indian at 7.30pm. 'Tony' & 'Jack' from Wood Castle graciously sent a young lad to show us the way there. Only a short walk, and you can't get lost coming back.

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