Kim and Damien's 12 month Odyssey, 2005 travel blog


(DM) After discussing our options last night, we both decided to get out of Chile as soon as possible. The costs after Bolivia are crazy and the very north is not that exciting. The morning was spent on the phone to LAN and AA getting our flights brought forward a day. Success! That meant packing up and heading 1.5 hours further into the desert to the mining town of Calama where the worlds largest mine is located as well as the airport for our first flight tomorrow morning.

Calama is very male dominated as you would expect with such a huge mine right next to it. The hotel we checked into was also a miners hotel. Great....

We continued our successful day with the great news from that our 10kg package that we sent from Cusco with our wedding gear had made it home safely. That was such a relief for us both. Our new belief in the SA postal service then inspired us head to the post office in Calama and send another package to Queensland. There is another heading your way Gerard.

The difference in the people from Chile to those in Bolivia can not be understated. The clearest is that Chileans have money and with money it seems comes arrogance and rudeness. It was a shock to deal with people like this again. The second is in their appearance. The simple colourful hand made outfits from the altiplano made way for the latest European fashion looks and mobile phones.

After having to deal with a very rude little bitch (that is putting it nicely) at dinner we returned to the hotel to find a group of miners sitting close to our room having a few beers. They must have worked in the explosives team as they had no idea the difference between loud and soft. Our last nights sleep in SA was going to be a lousy one.

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