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Surge Barrier

Gate Control on Surge Barrier

Dyke by Surge Control

Model of vessel used to install piers

Seals at theme park

Backing into Zierikzee

A Zierikzee Street

Fish Market

City Gate

Canal in Zierikzee

The Old Jail

Old City Hall

Weather Vane on City Hall

First Windmill

Second Windmill

The day dawned bright and sunny and remained so all day. We had been promised a cool day and advised to wear all the clothes we brought. For once we were happy to be disappointed!

We had breakfast while the ship sailed to a place close to a storm control system, part of the Delta Project, an ambitious development started after a devastating flood in 1953. It took 20 years to complete in 1978. We took a bus to a theme park which showed a film of the development in this area, which was an amazing innovation. It was astounding to see the way the engineering was accomplished with "mattresses" filled with rocks, rolled out on enormous rollers to stabilize the seabed, then place the piers with a U-shaped vessel equipped with a "squeegee to remove the excess sand. It was hard to believe the precision required could be accomplished.

We viewed the exhibits and Christine went to the gift store and enjoy a cup of tea while I went out to the barrier and saw more exhibits then walked over the top of one of the gates. It was impressive to see the finished article.

We took the bus back to the ship and had lunch then we set off for Zierikzee. For the first time we were able to sit up on the sun deck and enjoy the view. It was really good to see things without glass between you and the scenery. When we got to the town, the ship reversed up the narrow channel and through an even narrower floodgate. It was quite an accomplishment with only one minor bump as we entered the floodgate.

We docked then went on a walking tour of the town, through some quaint streets and past the old jail and city hall - now a museum. The tour ended near the ship and Christine went back to the ship and I went across town and took photos of a windmill and the old Church, as well as a windmill close to the ship. I returned to the ship to find Christine had spent the time on the sun deck. We sorted out photos then went for dinner where we joined a couple from Red Deer. They had lived in Spirit River at one time and knew my uncle who owned the IGA store there. It really is a small world!

We eventually finished dinner after a long conversation and went up to the lounge for coffee and further talks, then got the journal up to date.

Tomorrow we are off to the Hague, a brief glimpse of Rotterdam and on to Gouda where we spend the night.

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