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Another wow day !! As a child I was always fascinated by Saguaro cactus when I saw them on the westerns on TV and in the movies. We simply don't have them on the east coast, and I now know that they grow only in the Sonoran desert of Arizona, a couple of spots in California and the Mexican state of Sonora. There's today's geography lesson.

After spending the day in Saguaro National Park, I've now seen a gazillion or more and I'm still fascinated. To see such a plant reaching heights as high as 70 feet was amazing. Each plant was unique and different from the rest, just like humans. Shapes, sizes and color were as different as are the people of the world. Amazingly they even serve as homes for birds with some building nests inside the plant and others nesting outside in the thorns.

The park had not only saguaro, but many other types of cactus and several were beginning to bloom. I had no idea how much beauty God had placed within such spiny plants though Linda has always loved cactus. Just goes to prove that you sometimes need to look a bit beyond the danger to see the beauty. We think the bloom will be much fuller in a couple of days, so we're going to make a return trip Monday or Tuesday. Unfortunately, the saguaro don't bloom till late May but a couple looked like they might beat the schedule, so we're hoping.

Can't get all the pics in that we want to show you, but today is a lazy day, so more cactus tomorrow, maybe.

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