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Beach at Westkapelle

Sherman Tank

Ship passing Westkapelle

Canal in Middleburg

Nieuwkerk Spire in Middleburg

Side street in Middleburg


Middleburg Flower stall at market

Middleberg City Hall

Spire of Nieuwkerk

Bells in Church in Middleburg

Windmill at Middleburg

Church in Veere

Town Hall in Veere

"Scottish" house in Veere

Oma's Candy Store in Veere

DaVinci in Veere

Sunset from ship at Veere

We were again up early and had breakfast before setting off by coach for a drive to Westkappel where Canadian forces invaded to pierce the Atlantic wall set up By Hitler from Norway to Spain. A Sherman Tank and a landing craft are set up as memorials and plaques with the names of many Canadian who died in the effort. The place is a seaside resort now and a very pleasant town with several campgrounds nearby.

The weather was sunny all day, but very windy and quite cool, probably the best day weatherwise since we came on the cruise.

We travelled on to Middleburg where the DaVinci had sailed. The plan had been to have a walking tour of the town followed by some free time, but one of the guides had the idea of going to the ship to allow people to use the washrooms. We reckoned this would waste a lot of time, a fact reinforced when we arrived at the ship to find the gangway still had to be deployed. We quickly advised the guide we were going off on our own and set off into town. We wandered round the old town - it is virtually all "old town" - and saw the large Church, the Nieuwkerk where a choir was practising. We did not go in, but they sounded wonderful from the doorway. We came to the town square where a flea market was in progress. We continued through the town to the main hall which was either the town hall or the county buildings, but now seem to be used by a college of the university, then on further where Christine found a flower shop with an unusual interior, including playing a vinyl record!

We went further round and found the supermarket, when the quiet streets suddenly became teeming with people! We got the water we came for. It is much cheaper than buying bottles on the ship. We then followed the canal round to the ship. We sorted out some photos then went for a buffet lunch with the others who had returned by now - with no time for free time. We were glad we had done it "our way".

While we ate the ship travelled on to Veere and docked just as we finished. We joined the walking tour of the town which was quite interesting. Apart from the obligatory Church and guild buildings, we saw a couple of Scottish Houses. Wool from Scotland was imported and turned into fabric here and many Scots came and worked here in the 16th & 17th centuries. One of the houses flew the Scottish flag - the blue & white saltire. We continued round and finished the tour in a plaza with old shops around it. We walked round and found an old fashioned candy store that the guide had told us about. Naturally we succumbed to some liquorice and nougat.

We returned to the ship and sorted out photos and had coffee, while sampling our purchases. After sorting out some of our photos we had dinner with the two couples that we gave dined with several times. Afterwards we went up to the lounge for coffee and spoke with two couples we had not really spoken to before. I went out and took a few photos of the sunset.

Tomorrow we are off to see the Delta Project, a vast arrangement of locks, dams and breakwaters to help prevent flooding.

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