Anne Frank House

Unusual Bike

Coffee & Apple Pie

The main reason for our visit to Amsterdam was to visit the Anne Frank House Museum. I nearly went there a couple of years ago on one my cycle trips with PD & Roger but the queues had stretched all around the building & we didn't want to spend hours in line. This time I booked tickets on-line which meant you could jump the queues and go straight in. The only tickets I could get we're for 9am today so we had to make an early start to get to central Amsterdam in time. By this time we were quite adept at using the roads and the bike paths to make our way in and we arrived in plenty of time. The queue was already forming and we felt quite smug as we were whisked in ahead of them all standing there in the cold wind and boy it was windy and cold.

The museum was interesting and with the Frank's family links to Auschwitz it provides a link to our planned trip there. I will now have to read the Anne Frank diaries when we get home. Again Ethel led us unerringly back to the camp where we had time for a coffee before packing up, hitching Doris up on her trailer and checking out at noon. The sun is out but there is a strong wind blowing which is chilling things down.

We only had about twenty miles to go across to the west coast where we plan to spend two nights whilst we visit the tulip gardens at Keukenhof so we were at our next site, set up and had lunch by 1.30pm.

After lunch we road round exploring the local area on Doris. Found a nice isolated tea/coffee house & treated ourselves to coffee and apple pie with whipped cream. Eat your heart out PD! In the evening we popped out to the local village and had a rather lavish Chinese/Indonesian set dinner for two. We were the only two people in the restaurant.

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