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We decided that we had seen enough of central Amsterdam yesterday. We had quite a fun time taking Doris the 8-10 miles from our camp site to the centre. The road system is quite confusing but is complicated by a whole series of canals. We ended up buying a road map to help us. This together with "Ethel" , our trusty(?), sat/nav enabled us to eventually find our way out of the maze.

I have to say that "Doris" has proved to be a master stroke. She is so nippy & convenient. Holland makes her doubly useful as we can take her on the bike paths or the road. The bicycle is king in Holland and there are bike paths & lanes everywhere. A lot of the time the bicycle has priority over the cars and we found that if the traffic backed up we could nip past on the bike path. We were able to go almost anywhere and park easily amongst the millions of bikes on the footpaths and pavements.

We decided to do a bit of geocaching today around the local area and make our way to a street market in the suburbs later. Geocaching, for the uninitiated is a kind of hi-tech treasure hunt. People hide little boxes or containers and then publish the co-ordinates, together with clues to the hiding place, on an online geocaching site. You then have to use a sat/nav, mobile phone or other device with GPS facility to locate the position of the cache. Even given the co-ordinates it is not always easy to find the cache. Some can be very small and well hidden but once found you log the find on a piec of paper or booklet in the cache itself and later on the geocaching web site.

We found four caches within a mile or so of our site and failed to find one other. The one we couldn't find was near a Japanese garden park. The central area was a mass of cherry trees all starting to blossom and was really lovely in the afternoon sunshine. Despite crawling around on my knees I could not locate the cache. We were using our Nexus 7 tablet as our GPS device and it was giving some very strange readings.

This was our last cache so we abandoned our hunting for the day and headed off to the street market, with the help of "Ethel" again. The street that the market was in must have been at least half a mile long and lined on both sides with a variety of stalls. So we wandered our way up & down the street having parked "Doris" on a handy pavement corner.

Amazingly enough Viv did not feel the need to purchase any of the goodies on display. I have to say that prices here are quite high so there were no real bargains. We are not keen on Dutch cheeses or clogs so our euros stayed in our pockets. We did find a little Indonesian restaurant near where we'd left Doris so we had an early dinner before using our trusty Ethel to navigate our way back to the camp.

We've had no success with tuning into any TV stations with our on board aerial so instead we watched one of the stack of DVDs we brought with us. An ancient episode of "One Foot In The Grave" & "Allo Allo" were our entertainment for the evening.

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