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An example of a Thai Telegraph pole!! H&S anyone?

Our villa in Pattaya

Our gaff for the few days in Pattaya

"Good Copy!" This moped is set up like a Ferrari...

This shanty looking building is actually a fully licenced cafe / bar!

The resort's Buddha

Close up!

The huge Buddha at Pattaya

:-O Needs to get its toes cut!!

The massive Buddha

Pattaya from the Sky Tower

Helen above Pattaya

The other way down... or not!

Helen shows off the apartment!

Pattaya "by night"

"Walking Street" - Pattaya

Pornphan, Helen and Gareth's Dad in a "taxi"

Helen on a "taxi" in Pattaya

Hello Hello...



We took time out of Bangkok and headed down to Pattaya, on the coast about 2 hrs South East of Bangkok. All four of us jumped on a bus (local style) and headed down to the sea-side town for some well earned R&R. Helen and gareth are actually knackered because a) we haven't stopped since Perth (and that wasn't exactly quiet) b)We've been on way too many flights in the past fortnight c) It's hot and d) the humidity is off the richter scale.

Pattaya seems to be a getaway for lots of Thais and foriegners. It got big in the 70s when the boys in 'Nam needed somewhere to 'relax with the locals'. It's built up from there.

The resort that we stayed in was amazing - big thanks to Gareth's Dad for organising that! It was huge and had balconies, views of the pool etc, with On-suite, room service and mini-bar. We're really not used to this luxury - but hey!

We soon got used to it!

We didn't actually stay in Pattaya, but the up-coming town next it on the coast called Jontien (or something like that). With a long beach and exotic islands in the distance, this town had all the right ingredients! The town had all the usual Thai stalls and markets, which were great for picking up bargains and 'not copy' garments.

The town also had a fair, which was a very strange affair, with the locals playing lots of bingo and various shooting games. We won a toothbrush, a back scratcher and two bright green "Sprite" bottle openers in the shape of feet - a real haul.

Gareth is besotted with the telegraph poles (!!??) which seem to be a health and safety nightmare. Telephone boxes are often situated under a telepragh pole with the telephone wire dangling up to the top of the pole... There are often 30 - 50 telephone cables hanging from pylon to pylon :-S


Anyway... go to the next page to find out about our Rollercaoster adventure...

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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