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Thai food!

This one was a bit scarey...!

...and the red bits are not tomato!

We get stuck into coconut milk,coming from the original source

The local market under the expressway

Bangkok is often made up of contradictions

Check out the V8 engine on the back of this longtail boat!

This barbers shop is stashed under the freeway

A local Thai fruit (rambutan) stall

A Thai temple with it's Golden Buddha

This dude is chopping up pigs heads.Mmm. I love pig head :-)

Live frogs in a bucket!

Thai Tesco! Yay! - My favourite 4.5 litre batch of Mixed Fish...

Heinz Ketchup!

Tesco Lotus! Thai style Tesco!!

Wahay! Thai style McDonalds!

Gareth's Dad with his girlfriend Pornphan at "Shelter" club

Live band at "Shelter"

Mmmm - Singha Beer! (Not as potent as Chang, but nasty hangover...

The sound of Bangkok!

Shelter Club!

Hi folks!

Hope you are all well. We have started getting into the shopping scene here in Bangkok and there are a couple of shopping centres that have clean blown us away! MBK is definately one of them.

When we talk about shopping centres back home, visions of a area with maybe 10 - 20 shops comes to mind. Here, we've been to at least 6 shopping centres that clean blow anything in the UK away! It's not just the size of the shopping centres, but also the diversity.

MBK, for example, has at least 8 floors and is perhaps a mile long. It's massive! We found it to be a good source of clothes ("Not copy! Not copy!"). It also seems to have a booming trade in all types of software, mobiles and computer hardware. We've already spent a few bob in there and have our eyes on a lot more too.

To get to it you need to take the Skytrain (the elavated railway) to "National Stadium" then walk across a "Sky Bridge" which connects you into MBK.

In the evening Gareth's Dad and girlfriend took us down to "Shelter", a local Thai club which is in the South Eastern suburbs of Bangkok. At the club people sat and ate in a social environment, whilst live bands played. It was great! We also had the chance to try Thai beer - called Singha! This stuff is a bit renowned for hangovers...

The club had a great atmosphere, with people dancing around the tables and various well known Thai bands playing throughout the night.

The price of goods continues to astound us, with whole meals for 4 rarely costing more than 10 - 15 pounds.

All is good - we're having a great time!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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