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Gareth and Helen land in Bangkok

Pepsi anyone?

Crazy food - Thai style ;-)

Check out the jetlag! Gareth and Helen go to Thong Lo on...

Mmmm... Chickens hanging ready to be eaten!

Looking down on the street market / food stalls in Thong Lo

Random Thai fella!

Bangkok by night... Mayhem and madness

Hi Everybody!

Thailand is, as they say, "Amazing!". The jetlag was not as bad as expected (errr well for Helen anyway), but to be fair, Singapore Airlines are very good - so that helped. After we had landed and met up with Gareth's Dad & girlfriend, we jumped into a taxi from the airport to his Dad's home. It's the first time Gareth has seen his Dad in ages - so it was great to ctach up!

Driving through the streets in a taxi you get to see first hand just how crazy this great city is. Firstly - there are very few traffic rules, and those that do apply seem to be regularly broken. Red lights do not mean stop and zebra crossings do not mean that it is a good place to cross - it just means that there's paint on the road...

As any backpacker will tell you, Bangkok is a mixture of some of the richest and poorest people in the world. It's a city of contradictions, of crazy culture, food, people and more. Not only do we want to see the "backpacker" tourist side of Bangkok, but hopefully a lot more - we'll hopefully see how the locals eat, socialise and where they go.

Back a Gareth's Dad's apartment, we dumped our stuff then got out onto the streets of Bangkok. The first hurdle was the skytrain. Bangkok is so crowded and polluted that the city has built an elevated railway above some of the city's main roads (Thanon). We live close to Phra Khanong station, so it's a great system to use. We all headed up two stops to Thong Lo, where we were shown how the locals eat out. The area was a mixture of street stalls and eating areas, mixed with crazy foods and fruits. It seems that Thais eat everything with chilli, especially when it comes to noodles and rice. For a first Thai meal we ate steamed rice and chicken and it was amazing. We're really enjoying the grub here, although it is a bit of a spice challenge! The meals came to about 40 Baht each and the Pepsis were about 25 baht each. That means that each person eat for less than a pound (AU$2.40 - it's still very comfortable for us!).

Keep in mind that there's about 71 Baht to the pound - it's amazing value when the currency is converted!

After a great deal of trying thai fruit (including Mangosteen (!!??)) we all jumped back onto the skytrain and headed back to the Condo.

It didn't take long for us to fall asleep - trust me!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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