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The day began with a delivery of the trailer for AC repair. Now after two firms checking it we have been told that the AC unit is shot and must be replaced and that there is nothing wrong with it and there must have been an electrical problem in the campground. No way to check it in the current weather.

The wind that was supposed to be gone today returned this morning and though much less than yesterday, it brought cold, and I mean cold temps. Low tonight forecast at 17 and the high tomorrow to be 59. That sucks!

Visited Walnut Canyon National Monument and saw some ancient cliff dwellings. We passed on the hike for a closer view cause it was too damn cold and windy. It was amazing to see how they used the openings, overhangs etc in the canyon walls to make a home.

Then we discovered another of our kind of restaurant, the Silver Saddle Cafe, where Linda had the best burger she's had on the entire trip. I had a an El Paso burger which had green chili sauce and melted cheese. It truly brought my taste buds to life and is on my high hit list of things to have again.

Linda visited the ophthalmologist and he sees no problem with her implants and the problem is simply the dry climate with the wind and dust. He told her he sees lots of east coast people trying to adjust to the dry air. Same meds and some different for sleep time. That put a smile on both our faces.

Staying in Flagstaff for a few days to enjoy the cold. If we find something warm, we're out of here and Vegas is calling.

For dinner Linda found on Trip Advisor a restaurant called Satchmo's which turned out to be another our kind of place. Hidden behind a gas station and not very impressive inside or out. The food was fabulous. Ribs and smoked beans for me and a shrimp po boy for my lady. We passed on the dessert.

Tomorrow is do nothing and stay warm.

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