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This is wednesday, april 3rd

We are in Huatulco, Mexico for the day. We decided to walk in without a tour. What a huge mistake! It was 96 degrees with about 98 humidity, and that dock was a LOT longer than it looked from the top of the ship. After we got there, we saw wonderful dancing with beautiful folklore dress. Their music always makes me want to dance.(maybe when it is a bit cooler) Of course, there are many interesting and beautiful things to see and buy. GDP is so happy that I am limited by suitcases that I foolishly filled at home. He may be surprised at what I can squeeeeeeze in. It does limit me from the many beautiful hand crafts that I see and would love to bring home.

We returned to the ship with barely enough energy to take a shower and fall into the bed for a nap. After that we were ready to resume eating and reading! Tonight we went to a variety show. Then more than ready for nite nite.

THURSDAY Puerto Chiapas. The dock is much shorter, so we went off on our own again. Temp was only 90 degrees, but the humidity was just as high. We still enjoyed some beautiful sights. GDP finally remembered to bring the camera. We are so bad at that. While he sat and enjoyed the local dancers, I was enthralled by some of the local crafts. They had some stunning hand embroidered pictures that I drooled over, but.........still no room. Sob. Sob. Back to the ship, lunch and he is taking a nap. i will soon be going up to take a craft class. Don't know what craft yet, but it will be fun. I love to learn new crafs.

Well the craft was bow making.For package decorations. It was fun. I left mine there and just brought the directions. They were made out of paper and we all know what happens to paper bows in an over filled suitcase.

FRIDAY We decided to go on an excursion Bus to Antigua, Guatamala. The bus was veeeeeery interesting. I will let GDP tell you about the tech stuff later. just suffice to say that our prayers were answered when we arrived safely in Antigua. We passed by many, many Police and Military personel everywhere we went. Our Guide told us that it is to watch for and catch "drunk drivers" Of course we believed her?!?!

We went first to a Jade factory. We met the owner, who gave us a talk on Jade. Then, of course, we were taken past the workers into the sales area. I wish I had a million $$$$$, but aI don't so I just drooled my way around the room. Then we boarded the bus again for a tour of the city. The Bus Driver went thru spaces that I would not attempt with a small car! Not always succesfully. There was a loud bump and jolt that had us all turning to look. There is a reason there are no rear windows on those busses. He did not stop! Just kept going as tho nothing had occured.

The city of Antigua is so sad. It obviously has many many poor. Many "homes" made out of any thing that they can find. We went past the ruins of "the oldest Catholic Church" in Guatamala. We were dropped off at the "Town Square to take pictures. We were immediately surrounded by the local women with their beads, blankets, toys, aprons, shawls etc. Since tourists are pretty much their only source of income, they are very INSISTANT. The bus returning was quickly filled. I did get some pot holders shaped like chickens.

Half way back to the ship, the Tour Guide informed us that the AC had not been working and that she had called for another bus to take us the rest of the way. Now, a moving bus with no AC has some moving, if hot, but a stopped bus needs no description! Soon the people started telling her to please continue on the way, even with no AC. So we started off again. About 15-20 min later the "new" bus roared around us and stopped to take us on. The newer bus was a relief and did have AC. Also ran much smoother.

We left this morning at 7 and returned at 12:30. Just in time for lunch. We had been warned NOT to drink anything but bottled water and NOT to eat any food along the way. We also had hand cleaner squirted into hour hands every time we turned around.

After lunch, nap for him and "dancing with the stars" for me. The Samba today.

Enough for today. See you tomorrow.


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