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Mute Swan from Europe

Muscovy Duck from Mexico

Greylag Goose from Europe

Mallard Duck from North America

Blackbird from Asia

Myna from India with Pigeons from Europe

Said goodbye to Heather and drove north to Ohakune. Thank you Heather for your hospitality. It was a pleasure visiting you. I hope we meet again one day.

We stopped for lunch at a small lake in Wanganui. Here we saw Mallard Ducks from Canada, Mute Swans and House Sparrows from Europe, Blackbirds from Asia, Black Swans from Australia, Muscovy Ducks from Mexico and even a few native New Zealand birds. It is a shame that people brought all these birds here from other countries and now the NZ birds are a minority in their own country. The introduced birds are much more aggressive and successful at raising young than the NZ birds.

The Muscovy Duck is a strange looking bird with a bright-red featherless patch on the side of its head. These ducks have been introduced from Mexico. I have spent a lot of time in Mexico but never saw one there.

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