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The Skywalk from the ground

Love birds 4000 feet up

Clowning around

More clowning

I couldn't sit down there. I would never get up!


Shall I?

We made it!

God's Handiwork

See the Skywalk in the upper left corner. 4000 feet up!



A River Runs Through It

Three Bright spots of beauty


Look how close he is to the edge; 4000 feet up! I...

Happy happy happy

We ended our visit with a cowboy lunch.

Fragile beauty growing in a rock

Today may have been the most awe inspiring day of our trip to date. It was also very exciting and even challenging for Linda.

We visited the West Rim of the Grand Canyon which is owned by the Hualapai Nation and includes the Grand Canyon Skywalk. We found it more colorful than the National Park and less commercialized. The artist used his hammer, chisel and brush to create this masterpiece. If one ever needs confirmation of His existence you need only visit this wonder. Today He also sent both clouds and sunshine so the color spectrum changed as the day moved forward.

The skywalk was something to behold, as was Linda's venture onto it and the fantastic progression of her courage. She practically crawled the first third, walked the second third and danced the final third. It is exciting to be married to a beautiful lady who dances 4000 feet in the air on a little piece of glass . She is such an exciting travel partner and brings joy to my every day.

Linda is labeling most of the pics tonight so I must defend myself. Sometimes it is necessary to get close to the action and if the results are acceptable, so was the risk.

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