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The first of four pics of last night's sunset




Chatting with one of our daughters

A Linda picture of the Colorado


Today was the day when her resistance failed and Linda met the Wheel of No Fortune. We traveled to Laughlin which is a smaller calmer version of Las Vegas. An excellent taco lunch after some sort of jalapeno/shrimp appetizer that even Linda ate in spite of the heat. A beautiful river walk along the Colorado and at least one roulette wheel. She just couldn't pass up another so I took a walk and wondered if it would be appropriate to pray for a lucky wheel. The good news is that she set a budget and we will again be able to afford groceries in a couple of weeks.

The drive was beautiful, but we are becoming accustomed to God's beauty and are not nearly as observant as we should be. See the white blooms on the cactus.

Tomorrow is to be our trip to the West Rim of Grand Canyon and the Skywalk. The question is; will Linda venture onto the Skywalk, or will she be stuck in the sand.

Note of Importance: Although I did spend a brief period of time on Monday visiting an Emergency Room I think it important that you realize my long winning streak. Across Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona I soared with no doc's needed.

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