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Car in a tree sign post to Pooncarie


The old wharf site

A road too far

Corrugated road

Emu across the road




This morning we made up our minds to leave Wentworth and follow the Darling. This takes us via Pooncarie, an old Darling River wool town, to Menindee 237 Klm's north of Wentworth.

Until we got to Pooncarie where we stopped beside the Darling for lunch, the road was made. After leaving Pooncarie the road became very corrugated. Pooncarie is such a small town that you're through it in no time. Population 60. We had been thinking of going to the Mungo National Park but a vehicle of our size was too big so we gave it a miss.

Driving on corrugation and bull dust makes for very careful and tricky driving and it seems the slower you drive the harder it is. We drove at 40 kph increasing to between 60 to 80 kph as long as we weren't sliding about. We only met about three 4wd's on the road.

They trick you into thinking that the road will be made as they bitumen for about a couple of kilometres out of town and then they hit you with corrugation for about 70 Klms!

We reached Menindee about 4.30 pm and nearly passed the sign that said Town Centre. Driving up the street we stopped at the Information office but it was locked. As I walked back an Aboriginal man asked if I would like to buy his painting. On enquiring he said it was the special of the day at $80 and I told him it was too expensive to which he dropped his price to $50. I didn't buy it and he was gone. I wish I had offered him $5 to take his photo with his painting.

Driving about 100 metres past the Information centre we saw another Town Centre sign pointing the other way. You guessed it we're through it. We turned around and headed out of town where we saw an all purpose shop. We sat down to fish and chips which were very nice.

The sunset tonight at lake Menindee is amazing and we sat outside taking photos till the mozzies came, then retreated inside to watch it out of the front windows.

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