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Hi all.

I haven't used/posted on this web site in 2 1/2 years so of course I am having to learn how to do it all over again. Memory retention, you know. What was I saying?

I am simply presuming that all my original recipients are still going to automatically receive this. If you no longer want to be bothered, I promise my feelings will not be hurt if you wish to cancel. Just drop me a note. Really. Well, if you're a close friend or relative, you better not.

I am leaving in the morning, yes, April Fools Day, to run away to the circus. Well, kinda. I am going to work at Adventureland in Iowa for the summer...a long summer as my job begins toward the end of April and will end the last Sunday in September. Adventureland is the largest amusement park in the state and I had the choice of rides, games, retail or food. I chose games. And I am thinking it's going to be the most unusual and perhaps the most fun summer since, gosh, a long time ago! They will pay me minimum wage, provide full hookups at their adjoining RV park and even an honest-to-goodness Adventureland uniform! Aaah, it's fun being a geezer. I understand there will be about 300 of us oldies at the RV park.

I won't be posting daily for months on end like I did on my "big trip", but I'll give updates as I travel east and updates as I learn how to be a super carnie!

Debbie (the lone) Granger

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