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4th hiccup of the day - we miss the turn off the Autostrada for Viterbo - after recalibrating the GPS we find we find we have to do an extra 40km to get back on track (by now navigator Julie is no longer speaking to me!!)

The GPS takes us thru the back roads of the countryside - hilly, narrow winding roads in the dark is not my idea of fun (you don't want to know about navigator Julie any more - suffice to say "NOT HAPPY JAN!!!)

We finally arrive at our hotel (Best Western Viterbo) - surprisingly, the GPS led us straight to it. After checking in we're off in search of some food. we found a pizzeria close by and availed ourselves of one of the best pizzas I've ever had, while julie waxed lyrical about a porcini mushroom risotto. Washed down with a couple of glasses of red wine, and the toils of the day seem to melt away into insignificance. Did I mention that it is cold: C-O-L-D about 3 degrees. Just watching the weather report on CNN - looks like we will be heading for Spain - massive cold front coming down from the north - freezing temps and early snows (Julie just might get her white Xmas yet).

tomorrow we head off into Viterbo to do some exploring - stay tuned.

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