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Whose feet are these?

The "After Lunch Bunch"

Today was a day filled with beauty and wonder along with a bit of excitement. The day began with a wild west shoot out at the Grand Canyon Railway and then a slow site filled train ride to the Grand Canyon. We saw a lot of Arizona from the train, both going and coming, and entertainment was provided.

The Grand Canyon was once described by a friend as "just a big hole in the ground" and it is that, but such a beautiful hole it is. The beautiful blending of colors and the sheer awe that it inspires are impossible to describe. I had seen it as a pre-teen and now fifty plus years later it is nothing like I remembered. Today I can appreciate the power of the creator when I see his craftsmanship. Audra had also seen it before and still found it amazing. Linda and Amaya were amazed first timers. Linda kept saying "I can't believe how beautiful it is".

Most of tonight's pics need no label. When my daughters notice the oxygen, it was simply a high altitude precaution. The feet are mine, but I got the shot, over my wife's objection.

If you haven't seen it, put the Grand Canyon on your bucket list.

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